Private Houses

PVC window frames Vetrofollia

Thanks to their high technology and a large variety of available special glasses, they may offer you an excellent and proved heat insulation and as well as traquillity and sicurity. Vetrofollia PVC window frames produced in Italy .

Bioclimatic Pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas are structures that allow an intelligent solar protection and a regulation of the temperature of natural form, as well as the protection against the inclemencies of the time.

Thanks to a simple installation (in just one day) the bioclimatic pergola Seesky BIO adapts to any outdoor space creating an atmosphere of design and art.

Aluminum fixtures made in Italy

Supply and installation of doors, hinged and sliding windows.
Innovative products made entirely by Italian artisans.

Gates and railings

The production of all our products may be tailored and made on request. In addition a wide assortment of modern as well as  old fashioned wrought iron desing can be provided. This can include also customers own projects taking into consideration several types of opening, safety and functionality.

Glass type

A large variety of glasses can be provided as follow: extra-clear, colored, mirrored, frosted, laminated, armored, printed, heat proof and LCD.

Digital printing on glass

The digital printing on glass sheets is an advanced technology which allows to print images, photos, drawings and writings received via digital.
This may be done without using the usual tools such as screen printing frames or printing rollers.

Shower box

Shower cubicles can be largely tailored and customized to satisfy any specific requirements and special needs such as spaces available, kind of opening and similar.

Parapets, balustrades and canopies

Balustrade or railing model Ninfa, made of aluminum sized about 70×140 mm, fixed to the floor or in case above the finished floor. The side floor can be  whole or partially embedded.
The aluminum profile is meant to contain a hardened tempered glass laminated and  polished, its thickness will depend on the intended use. For instance, thinking of  some 100 kg of thrust per linear meter for a  tempered / toughened and laminated glass, the thickness should be like  8 mm + 8 + 1,52 PVB at least.