Industrial sites

Curtains and structural walls

Vetrofollia, is able to realize high quality works with innovative and complex geometric shapes, integrating different types of materials such as glass, aluminum panels, smooth and corrugated sheet metal coatings giving thus an effect of continuity to the entire structure.

Metal carpentry

Vetrofollia is capable to provide long time  reliable metal structures.
It is part of the company  policy also to keep paying the due attention during the whole process of work such as selection of materials, design and assembly.
Among our offers are found: sheds, lofts, connections between buildings, fire escapes, stairs marinara and shelters.


The experience and technology developed through the years are also applicable to glass roofing realizations with shapes, sizes and components according to the wanted project.
Vetrofollia is able to provide by simple covers in support of pre-existing structures to self-supporting complex frames such as tunnels, domes, pyramids  and similar.


In Collaborating with the best designers we create worldwide environments and fittings for high fashion enviroments and luxury boutiques.

Construction and container refurbishment, mobile homes, caravans…

We design and build very quickly renovation and restoration of Vs. containers, mobile homes and caravans used as offices and housing, looking for the best solution according to your needs. personalized and free quote