Mini Crane

Thought to raise weights easily

Finally a new version of mini crane in available. This new jewel of technical  reaches places never imagined before.Small enough to fit through a standard door or window, this range of tool provides up to 4.90 tons of lifting power while maintaining excellent maneuverability.
We are willing to rent them with or without operator.

MC-104C Mini Crane

The smallest and the most maneggievole. MC-104 is suitable for different types of work: assembly of single glazing, use of cranes in unusual places such as basements, mezzanines which can not withstand much weight and so on. Suitable also for tight spaces, its width in fact does not exceed 60cm!

MC-285C Mini Crane

This mini crane has a very slender body, namely 75cm in width only. It can be used where the strength of the MC 104 machine is not enough, in fact, this model has a 5-arm extensions and has a lifting capacity of 2.82 tons x 1.4 m.

MC-305 Mini Crane

Is the biggest mini crane of our family that can be disassembled in 5 units (which individually weigh is not more than 1000kg) to be reassembled then on site. All mini crane can be equipped with tracks and may be used on construction of shopping floors, polished concrete, tiles and so on.