About Us

Two kindred minds put together, two personalities sometimes similar sometimes so different but both with a large professional experience heritage united by the same idea of business.

This is how Vetrofollia La Vetreria was born. The founding partners, Caggiano Rocco and Mazzotti Massimiliano, thus manage to transform a small company into the No. 1 company in Italy, always in constant growth, operating all over the planet. A constant evolution that only the great passion for this material has been able to make possible. Much more than a job, a true mission of art overcoming all limits with machinery for glass processing and equipment for installation always at the forefront and where the impossible becomes possible..
A perfect synergy between love for our work and the need to respond professionally to the market expectations. 

For over 20 years we have created a very precious heritage: we wanted to bring together in a single reality a unique service among those already existing on the market, we have created the magical union between art and technology, between dream and reality.
Hence we may now offer to our customers a full service, providing them support from the very beginning of their ideas:

Design – Construction – Assembly